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Synthetic Resin

EPOXY CURING AGENT is a product that determines the physical properties of a product by reacting with epoxy.

DNC directly develops and improves Curing Agent such as POLYAMINE, POLYAMIDE, PHENAKAMINE, which are the main raw materials of this EPOXY CURING AGENT. Based on these technologies, we supply a variety of products to meet the needs of our customers.


It has excellent water resistance, excellent adhesion, long pot life, good impact resistance, and it is possible to mold higher solids for excellent performance, so it is a product with good flexibility and can be used as an adhesive for heavy corrosion protection and construction.

  • - Coating, lining, adhesive, general


It can be used for top coats due to its excellent gloss, non-corrosion and good chemical resistance.

  • - Flooring, casting, molding


Low temperature curing, excellent chemical resistance, and moisture resistance allow it to be used in various industrial applications.

  • - Coating, adhesive, flooring

Water Borne

As a water-soluble epoxy Curing Agent with high water resistance and affinity with water, it has good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance, so it can be painted even in a closed space.

  • - Water tank, swimming pool
  • - Wastewater sewage water supply pipe, etc.
  • - Enclosed space where oil-based paint cannot be used

Product Information

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